5 Common Sales Letter Writing Mistakes

The copywriter Jay Halbert had written: “The solution to every business issue is an excellent sales letter”. Regrettably, product sales page writing is usually reasonable on everyone’s directory of priorities because most of us:

  • Hate writing them
  • Are maybe not very great at them
  • Don’t believe it works very wellf6f9b53e-0b21-4242-9797-6612f2f437fc

Once the recession kicks in it appears as if our company is all likely to have to have a various mentality and obtain much better at writing such letters. Maybe not only one-off letters but a few regular letters targeted at various market sectors. Final summer time, whenever I moved to a different office in the centre of Cheltenham, England, we was inundated with ‘sales letters’ within days of arrival. Without different each one of the letters made the same blunders. Right here these are generally:

1. No Clear Headline

If you would like somebody to read through your letter imagine they are opening it whilst standing over a waste paper container. You have around 6 seconds to attract their interest. If for example the headline isn’t likely to draw in their interest, the possibilities are that they’ll not skim throughout the other countries in the page.

Option: Get great at composing unforgettable and significant headlines.

2. Only One Page Long

If you’re going to make the difficulty to create a letter, offer as much as you are able to using the room readily available. Blank room offers absolutely nothing. Most letters are kept quick away from concern about boring your viewer. Successful letters tend to be lengthy and are more self-confident about the services or products the journalist is ‘selling’.

Answer: Get into the routine of writing longer letters and don’t deliver ‘one pagers’.


3. No Testimonials

If you need your viewer to think that you’re capable of delivering everything you provide, include as numerous testimonials while you are able to. Whenever your viewer opens a page, a prominent testimonial is one of this first things they’ll see after the headline.

Solution: Build up your collection of testimonials and make utilize of all of them in your backup.

4. No Guarantee

If you include an assurance it is a sign that you’re self-confident as to what you must provide. It can be a monetary or satisfaction guarantee. As so couple of companies, specifically Uk, offer guarantees, it immediately differentiates you against the competitors.

Solution: Be obvious about the type of promise you provide.

5. The Letter Is Just Delivered Once

If someone is certainly going to come to be a buyer of yours you have to be prepared to establish some type of connection with them. And like all connections this will just take some time. You ought to accept that they most likely won’t read very first page and that they will be too sidetracked or busy to react to the next or 3rd. This implies you have to be ready mentally to deliver aside a series of letters. It might cost more but you are certain to get better results than from an individual page.

Solution: Think of a sales page as ‘salesmanship in print’ and also as part of a on-going campaign.


If you’d like to get a hold of a low-cost but large influence means of generating leads, make a commitment to stay away from such mistakes and begin to perfect the art of efficient sales page writing. Your just other alternative is to carry on steadily to waste cash giving off the exact same old letter within the mistaken belief that you are certain to get ‘results’ since you are now becoming proactive.